Nute Ridge Bible Chapel seeks to preach the gospel and to draw all to Christ that we might encourage spiritual regeneration and growth.
Christian Radio _____________ WSEW Radio station
Ernest & Tina Jones_________ETHNOS 360
Tim and Cathy MacLean____ Foundation Stone Ministry
Ginny and Keith Teeter______InterVarsity Christian Fellowship
Options for Women_________Options for Women
Paul & Vickie Young________Small Paul
Rick & Bev Gaudet__________Biblical Ministries Worldwide
Rick & Ruth Odess_________Missions Door
Tom & Sue Dennison_______Titus International
Susan Spinney________Sue Spinney
Alicia Shedd_______Maranatha Ministries.
Aidan and Kara Conant_________servingtheworld
Lowrie and Deb Robertson_________strightupmissions