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Whosoever shall call
Whosoever shall call
There are three words in this verse that speak volumes. Let us briefly consider
First in line is....WHOSOEVER. That means you and me. Whosoever we may
be, whatever we may have done, wherever we may be right this moment. The
wonderful promise of God Almighty is.....that we have His permission to
CALL out to Him.
Which brings us to our next word.....CALL. We live in a wonderful world of
communications today. There are so many ways and devices to CALL one
another. We can call by phone, home or cellular. We can CALL up one
another on computer systems. We can all by CB and Transworld Radios. But
you know, long before all these scientific toys came on line, God gave us the
greatest communication system. It is call...prayer. That's what this word
means in our verse CALL unto the Lord. Do you have a need? you have a
burden that needs to be lifted? Do you have a sin that keeps you awake at
night? Do you have peace with God in your heart? Should the doctor tell you
that you have six weeks to live on this earth, do you know where your eternal
soul would o? This verse tells us, that WHOSOEVER CALLS will not only be
heard by Almighty God but will receive eternal blessings.
Let us consider this last word....SAVED. That one word has a negative and
positive meaning. First the negative. In order to be SAVED. One must
understand according to a Holy God, the WHOSOEVER that is CALLING is
LOST. In other words.....you and I. .apart from God's help, is separated from
God because of our disobedience. So we are lost. When we recognize that
condition, which is the work of the Holy Spirit to convict us that we are lost,
then the Holy Spirit seeks to point us to the Lord, who i none other than God's
Son, Jesus Christ. Thus the positive side of the word SAVED. When
we....WHOSOEVER.....CALL...upon the name of the Lord, (Jesus Christ), the
promise of the Bible is that God will SAVE us. In other words, forgive us and
give us et nal life.
Now how can God do this.....in the simplest of words....because Jesus Christ,
His Son, paid the bill that our sin, disobedience, had caused. Now the $64,000
question dear reader. Have you personally ever called out to God, in the name
of Jesus Christ to forgive you? If you have, take God at His Word and know
that you a WHOSOEVER, that has CALLED, is SAVED. If you haven't, why
not do it right now. Just where you are. Bow your head and pray something
like this.
Dear Heavenly Father, I am a WHOSOEVER. I know that I have sinned against you
a Holy God. I confess my sins and I CALL upon you to forgive me in the Name of
Jesus Christ the Lord. From this moment on I will seek to live the Christian life by
faith. pray this prayer in Jesus Name.......Amen.
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