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A Seed Is Sown
A Seed is Sown by Pastor Dick Arnold
God made Him who had no sin to be sin for us, so that in Him we might
become the righteousness of God. 2 Cor. 5:21 (NIV)
Our verse today is such wonderful and powerful promise from God’s Word. We read
GOD “MADE” HIM. Who is the Him? None other than Jesus Christ. The very Holy
God, who made the earth and all that goes beyond into the realm of galaxies and
beyond, also made His Son, Jesus Christ to be “sin” for us. Jesus Christ, who lived a
perfect, holy and obedient life to the Father, became sin and the sin bearer, for you and
me. Whoever you are reading the message, Jesus became sin for YOU. He who never
sinned, became sin. How did that happen? If you will read from the Book of Galatians
(chapter 3:13), you will learn that “cursed is anyone who hangs on a tree”. That is, who
was crucified as Jesus was at Calvary. When Jesus voluntarily allowed Himself to be
nailed to that “old rugged cross”, at that moment, He became sin for us. While Jesus
hung there on the cross, between Heaven and earth, in the sight of the Father, He
became sin.
He also became the “sin bearer”. That is He carried your sins and my sins to the cross.
In doing that He took the punishment that you and I deserve,separation from God. That
is what death really means, separation. As our verse says, “He was made sin, who
never sinned, for us”. Now, for those who will put their trust in Him, the end result of
all this is, that we now can be clothed fully in His perfect righteousness.
That is what the later part of this verse promises. "so that IN HIM we might become the
RIGHTEOUSNESS OF GOD”. Dear reader, that is such a wonderful promise from
God’s Holy Word. In Him, i.e. in Christ, you and I, as believers, receive or become the
RIGHTEOUSNESS OF GOD. What does that mean? One day when we stand before
God, we will NOT stand before Him on our puny human righteousness, our good
deeds, which would never pass the test for God, but instead we will stand before God
clothed in the PERFECT RIGHTEOUS LIFE of Jesus Christ. His life becomes our life,
because our life, our sin, became His. You talk about “swap shops”, that’s really
something to write home about.
I close with two thoughts. If you are a born-again Christian, remember your position in
Christ. Get a hold of any book by Neil Anderson, especially “Victory over Darkness”.
See, who you are IN CHRIST. That’s what this verse is trying to reveal, the true
believer’s position in Christ. My second thought, if you are not a believer and are
burden down with a life that has been lived for self, that is always ignoring and
rejecting God for most of your life, may I remind you, that He loves you
unconditionally. If you will CALL OUT TO HIM, the promise of the verse above can be
credited to you. Read Acts 2:21. You do your part and you can be certain that Jesus
Christ will do His. May God richly bless all who read this. ----- Pastor Dick